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is being mourned today after he was killed in a shooting in san francisco's bayview district. 17 year-old montreal blakely was shot on the first lot of osceola late on saturday night. the concretize to be played on the football team. many students at the school organized be a social me aware black today to mourn him. sampras is the police and not made any the arrest. a preliminary hearing is set for today and the case of a vigilante justice in san francisco. police said as of a teenaged girl are charge of murder man they claim turn their daughter into a prostitute. is the fundamental was killed calvin sneed. he was shot to death in june. two other people also been charged with murder in the case. >> clear skies, a chilly out there and 47 in the city. we will have even colder temperatures to wake up to tomorrow. we'll have another look at the forecast with anny in just a bit. and don't forget the favorite way to ring in the new year's for the bay area is always with kron4. you can watch it from the comfort of your living room. it will be concorkron4 is new year's live hosted by catheri
that process. >> dozens of people gathered in pleasanton to emeramaral park to mourn the loss of so many allies in last week's connecticut shooting. >> singing songs, play in lighting candles the bond together to express their pain. >> it was really important for us to gather together to bring it was again the to have a sense of community is best during the holidays i season. >> the pta collected pictures, points, and donations which will be sent to the victims of the family in connecticut. >> fairfield police say, this teen friend to carry out attacks similar to the massacre in connecticut. >> now, the 18 year-old is facing felony criminal press charges. investigators say sergio cabada posted a message on line saying he supported the school shooter and thought of doing something similar. >> within hours of posting the message, investigators tracked down the team in the city of suisun. >> gun sales of one gunshop in livermore are approved. >> grandy collins owner of the j and our guns supply shop says he believes sales at its shop skyrocketed because people are concerned about two things. >> th
mourning. the joy of christmas replaced by pain and grief. >> 6:13 we will be back with weather, traffic, and more stories. with your christmas in the forecast. christmas day forecast... >> a new york man is playing the role of a real- life saint nick. michael sciaraffo, dressed in a red santa suit, delivered toys to kids affected by superstorm sandy on christmas eve. he collected the toys using social media. but, rather than donate them to charity, he decided to deliver them personally. this child unwrapped a doll house. this santa's list is made up of more than a hundred children from affected areas in brooklyn, staten island and queens. sciaraffo hopes to turn his program into a nonprofit and have another round of gift giving for easter. >> residents of newtown, connecticut are trying to find some christmas joy in the middle of tragedy. the town is still reeling from the shooting that killed 26 people at sandy hook elementary more than a week ago. residents there say it's important to still celebrate the holiday. dozens of people are trying to pitch in and help comfort the community.
says they are thankful for the outpouring of support from the city but would now like to mourn their loss in private. >> our family is grieving but want to thank everyone who was reached out to help. we are suffering and sorrow. we have the support of our family, friends, a church during this time. >> the suspect, davis, is charged with second-degree intentional murder and second-degree murder with depraved indifference to human life. detectives say davis claimed han was bothering him and wouldn't leave him alone. 4:28 we will be right back, kron 4 morning news. a live look at the golden gate bridge a lot quieter than the yesterday. with that storm coming through but some areas of fog. if we will be right back. >> welcome back. let us take a live look with janu and the fog. >> good morning, bb we do have some of that drying trend coming up but partly sunny conditions expected. our extended forecast showing that we have a dry days for the next work week. widespread. we will see some breaks of sunshine. double billed come overnight. as well as the south bay valleys 50s for the
personally. >> eat the plant because dozense gathered in pleasanton's amador part to mourn the loss of so many young lives in last week's conn shooting. sales of spring and lighting candles they bind together to express their pain. >> it was important for us to gather together to have a sense of community especially during the holiday season. but that >> the visit was the together by a more elementary parent teacher association. the collected pictures palms letters and of nations will be sent to the families of victims and conn. our big story is the cold weather this wednesday morning. it is chilly out there. later it will be sunny and ice, i will say warm but it will be nice out. right now is just cold. a look at the san mateo bridge and the temperatures in half moon bay right now. is 37 degrees. we have a lot colder spots throughout the day that we will highlight as we continue with the kron4 morning news. >> a spike and residential and auto murderess. since november 1st there have been nine a residential burglaries and car thefts. police have increased patrols in the area and they're e
. this morning the nation will mourn those victims with a moment of silence. and we will hear >> we will hear from the national rifle association for the first time since the shooting. also with the fiscal cliff we will hear with house speaker john boehner. >> and at the another big story is the weather and the rain. the north and san rosa is getting some pretty good rain. it is moving into san revell in san francisco. everyone will be getting wet. let's start our team coverage with jackie sissel who is live on the richmond san revell bridge this morning. you may already feel the wind >> i'm tempting fate out here. i have not put the rain cover on the camera. i am on the richmond stammer fell bridge and you can see the flag being blown around out here. there has not been a wind advisory issued year but there is what kind of bay area are wide right now. you can almost feel rain in the air right now. it feels like it is really close to letting loose out here. it doesn't rise as i got out here this morning but it looks like it is getting close. >> it has mainly been sticking in the north bay. yo
mourning. the joy of christmas>> very difficult... sot resident - it's just devastating. the suspect's home was one of the ones that burned. his sister lived with him.and is unaccounnted for. there is a vigil being held tonight for the fallen firefigters. >> it was a snowy weekend in the sierra. some tahoe area ski resorts are reporting near record amounts of snow. live tonight in the east bay with a quick look at traffic and an update on the >> this past saturday, the 680 had to be shut down. however, a different story. let me show you some of these road conditions. this is a caltrans camera along interstate 80 at the donner summit. the road is clear, but look at the piles of fresh snow one the sides of the road here. a couple miles away, same story near the the donner lake exit. now even though the 80 looks good at the moment, caltrans is screening trucks for snow chains eastbound at applegate and westbound in truckee. now let's take a look along highway 50 in south lake tahoe. again lots of fresh new snow, but the roads are clear. maybe a little slick here. now, if you're headed to the m
of the san mateo bridge with more traffic this morning in an mournings past. it is a chilly morning, san mateo 30 degrees right now. looking for low 50s of a high. showers may be later on today and in some clearing and then warning in the forecast coming up. other stories we're following the general norman schwarzkopf has died. he gained national attention in 1991 when he led operation desert storm which liberated kuwait after the i iraqi invasion. his sister says she died of complications from pneumonia. he was known as storm and norman reached and retired to tampa after serving as commander in chief of u.s. general command there. general schwarzkopf was 78 years old. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is heading back to work next week. she has been working from home while recovering from a concussion she suffered after fainting while fighting a stomach virus. her return to the state department's likely to be good news for capitol hill. glenn will testify next month before the congressional committee committee on the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. russian president
conditions improve. >> in an antioch community in mourning the death of a man shot dead in from his home over the weekend. >> last night, friends and family of 43 year-old aaron williams came out for a candlelight vigil to remember williams. police say williams was gunned down in front of his home in the 23rd hundred block of companionway just after 1037 night. friends of the victims say they have a message for whoever is response before his death. >> this was a tragedy. >> so far no arrests have been made in the case anyone with information is encouraged call police. >> a 14 year old walt recovering after being stabbed at san jose's christmas event in the part of it. police said three suspected gang members attacked the teen stabbing him at least once near a carnival near park avenue. the boy's injuries were not life-threatening. he was treated at a local hospital. witnesses say the suspect ran away. police say it doesn't appear the victims or suspects in each other. despite the stabbing, family still turn out over the weekend to enjoy christmas and the part. >> i feel sorry for the kids get
to mourn the lives lost in the connecticut school shooting. today the first funerals will be held for to sandy hook students. six year-old jack pinto six year-old know what pozner. >> on sunday more than 2000 people came out for a memorial service to remember the 26 lives cut short after authorities say 20 year-old off an atomlanzs shot his way into sandy hook elementary--adam lanza. >> president obama traveled to new town where he met up with the families of the victims'. >> whatever portion of sadness we can share with you to ease the heavy load we will gladly bear it. >> the president praised the community for pulling together and said more needs to be done to protect our children. >> these tragedies must end. to end them we must change. >> for some law makers of the shooting here in town connecticut is the tipping point we now know that democratic senator dianne feinstien says next month she plans on introducing a bill that would ban assault weapons. >> we are live this morning in new town conn i'm renee marsh. back to you. >> thank you renee. >> more on the victims were kille
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10